Cracked Windshield

Some Windshield Damage Cannot Be Repaired

There are times when a repair is not possible and a windshield replacement is necessary. When a windshield crack runs into the seal of the windshield as in the photo above, a repair is not possible. The reason is that windshield repair requires that resin is injected into break filling the entire damaged area. When the windshield is cracked all the way to the seal any resin injected will flow to the furthest point of the break and seep out. There is no way to structurally restore the windshield in this case and a replacement is necessary. Any honest repair technician will inform the customer that they need a new windshield. Not only would an attempted repair under these conditions be unsuccessful, it is also unsafe. Remember the windshield is the first layer of protection should you be in an accident.


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