Typical Star Repair

Above is an example of windshield damage commonly known as a star. Star breaks usually have an impact point where the rock or debris has hit the windshield. The impact causes the windshield to crack forming several legs extending outward from the center. Left untreated it is not unusual for a simple star break to crack out clear across the windshield resulting in the need for a more expensive windshield replacement. Here are three photos illustrating three phases of treating a star repair. In the first photo, you can clearly see the legs extending out from the center of the break. The center photo shows a closer look after resin has been injected into the break. The legs are already filling in this photo. Approximately 15 minutes later the third photo shows almost no sign of the original damage. The entire repair took about 25 minutes to complete, leaving the windshield as strong as it was before the damage had occurred and about 90% enhanced in appearance. The customer reported this damage to her insurance company one day after it occurred and we repaired it the very next day. The sooner damage is repaired after it has occurred, the better the results. There are several reasons why time is critical.

1. The damaged windshield may appear structurally stable but it is not. One bump or change in the weather can cause it to crack across

2. The damaged windshield is missing a piece of glass where the rock hit and moisture and debris can get into the break making it more difficult to repair.


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