Filing A Glass Repair Claim

Filing a glass repair claim is a lot simpler than filing a body damage claim or liability claim. UnknownSince most insurance companies do not advertise that they will waive your deductible in favor of a windshield repair, many insurance agents are not even aware of this great benefit. Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to file a glass claim.

  1. On the back of your insurance ID card you will find your insurance company’s claim telephone number. Contact you insurance company using this number.
  2. One of the voice prompt options will usually include something about filing a glass claim. If so, select that prompt and follow the instructions until you reach a live agent.
  3. One you are speaking to a live agent, immediately let them know you would like to file a glass repair claim. (Its important to say “glass repair claim” as a repair claim is different from filing a replacement claim.
  4. Ask if they will waive the deductible for filing a glass claim. If so, continue reading further. If not, there is no point to filing a glass repair claim unless your deductible is lower than $250. The reason being that almost all windshields cost more than $250 to replace and so filing a claim with a deductible of $250 or more would serve no purpose.
  5. The agent will ask you several questions, including: When did the damage occur? What was the cause of the damage? How big is the damage? Answer theses questions as best as you can. They have no bearing on whether your claim is approved or not. Telling the agent that the damage more recently than it really did, or that the size of the damage is smaller than it is will not make any difference unless the damaged area is larger than a dollar bill, or 6 inches in length.
  6. If you have a preferred glass repair shop, let the agent know that you have already chosen a repair shop and you want the claim assigned to that shop. The agent may try to shift you to one of their preferred shops by telling you that their provider has a better guarantee or that they do better work. It is not only not true, it is illegal for an insurance company to steer your claim to another shop if you prefer otherwise.
  7. Soon after you end your call, your insurance company will transmit all of your vehicle info and your contact info to the glass shop you’ve chosen and you should hear from them shortly to schedule a repair. Make sure you ask the agent for the name and phone number of the repair shop if it is not one you’ve preselected so you are able to contact the shop directly if you do not hear from them in a timely manner.

That’s it. It is a pretty simple and straight forward process. In a subsequent post I will list most of the insurance companies that will waive the deductible if you opt for windshield repair instead of a more costly windshield replacement.


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