How Adhesive Tape Can Help Save Your Windshield

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Your windshield is comprised of three layers that have been laminated together. The top layer is UV glass, the middle layer is a soft PVB material similar to plastic and is the layer that allows the windshield to crack into many smaller pieces on impact instead of breaking into sharp shards. The bottom layer is similar in composition to the outer layer. When a rock or some other type of debris hits your windshield causing a familiar bulls eye, or star like break, it leaves an open hole in your windshield, exposing the soft PVB layer. Debris hits with such force that the object often breaks apart leaving even more debris in the damaged area.

Simply placing a piece of adhesive tape directly over the damage right after it occurs has many benefits.

  1. Covering the damaged area prevents more dirt, debris and moisture from accumulating in the break.
  2. The resin used in the repair process does not mix with moisture (water) and can lead to a cloudy looking repair.
  3. Covering the damaged area reduces some of the pressure placed on an already damaged windshield. Wind pressure causes the top and soft middle layers of the windshield to pull apart which in turn can cause the damage to spread.

Its a simple solution that has a multitude of benefits.


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