How To Make Your Car Windshield Sparkle

bar-keepers-friend-26-oz-all-purpose-soft-cleanserThere is no shortage of glass cleaners on the market. Most promise to leave your windshield sparkling and shiny but few deliver. Your windshield is exposed to the elements day in and day out. The daily assault includes, dirt and debris from the road, tree sap, birds doing their business, salt and mineral deposits. You’d need a chisel, let alone an effective glass cleaner to remove all this. Here’s a simple method that truly will leave your windshield sparkly clean.

  1. Pick up a bottle of “Bar Keepers Soft Scrub” Bar Keepers Soft Scrub is a soft scrub cleanser meant for use on high quality tile, porcelain, mirrors, and yes, glass. It has a slightly abrasive quality that will strip away deposits without scratching the windshield.
  2. On a dry windshield, using a straight edge razor blade, (hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the windshield) lightly run the blade over the windshield in an up and down motion, to remove any loose dirt.
  3. Using water from a spray bottle, spay the windshield just enough to run a cloth over it to remove what ever dirt was loosened by the razor blade. Dry the windshield.
  4.  Shake the Bar Keepers Friend and then spread a thin layer on the windshield using a cloth. Rub lightly until the windshield has a filmy, white covering.
  5. Using a sponge or a cloth, with warm water, rinse the windshield thoroughly to remove all of the soft scrub. (You may have to rinse the windshield more than once to get all of the soft scrub off).
  6. Use a quality glass cleaner (we use TurtleWax brand glass cleaner on our repairs) to polish the windshield as usual.

The Bar Keepers Friend will remove anything topical leaving a smooth looking shine. Our local hardware store charges only $2.99 for a 26oz bottle.


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