Free Windshield Repair

3236045623u_1x424x360fYou’ve probably seen ads for Free Windshield Repair before, usually at a local service station or maybe at the carwash. Sound too good to be true? Actually unlike a lot of other ads promising free goods and services, windshield repairs can often be done with no out-of-pocket cost. Here’s how.

All but a handful of auto insurance companies will waive your deductible for windshield repair if you have comprehensive coverage. They do this because the cost of replacing a windshield is so much greater than covering the cost of the repair. Many people carry a zero or very low deductible on their auto policy. If everyone who had a rock chip filed a claim to replace the windshield the insurance company would be paying out a small fortune. Rather than doing so, most insurance companies will waive the deductible in favor of a repair because it saves them money -big money.

Filing a windshield repair claim is very simple and takes much less time than filing a body damage claim. To file a claim you call the claim number on the back of your insurance card and immediately let the insurance rep know that you would like to file a glass repair claim and you would like to know if they will waive the deductible. Its important to let them know you want to file a repair claim or they will automatically set it up for a replacement claim, in which case your deductible will apply.

Shortly after filing the claim, your insurance company will place the claim with a glass repair shop and either connect you to the shop or have the shop contact you to schedule a repair. Repairs are usually mobile, which means the repair technician comes to your home or place of business. When setting up an appointment with the glass shop its helpful to know that the insurance company has an agreement with the shop that the amount they are paying the shop to complete the repair includes all expenses. This means that the shop should not be charging you any additional money, (bridge tolls, gas, mileage, etc) for coming to you. In fact, the shop signs a waiver and it is against policy to charge you any additional money unless they are providing additional services not covered by your insurance company. One such case would be that the shop agrees to repair more than the 3 rock chips that most insurance companies allow for.


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