Not All Windshield Repairs Are The Same

windshield-repairNot all glass shops are the same. You owe it to yourself to do the research to find a glass shop that meets high standards. To begin with, when filing a glass repair claim with your insurance company, ask them to refer you to a “tier one” shop. Here’s why that makes a difference. With exception of a few, most insurance companies use glass networks who contract glass repair shops and technicians to do their glass repairs. In fact, most often once you tell the initial representative at the insurance company that you are filing a glass repair claim the next person you are transferred to is not even an employee of your insurance company, they work for the glass repair/replacement network. The network has contracts with hundreds of glass shops and technicians, all who have varied levels of expertise and experience. The networks need to match up your claim with a technician in your area based on your zip code. This is where requesting a tier one shop / technician makes a difference. Often, tier one service providers are ¬†rightfully busy, because they are in demand. If the network can not find a tier one shop to do your repair they move down the list until often your repair is being handled by someone with little to no experience at all. Ask yourself one question: do you want your windshield repaired by a glass technician with little to no experience? The answer is obvious, no.

Search out reviews on Yelp where you will see what others are saying about a shop the network has recommended. if the reviews are not primarily 4 and 5 stars let the network know you prefer another shop. By law, you have the right to choose whichever glass shop you want to use to do the repair. Networks will often engage in an illegal practice known as “steering” where they funnel business primarily to their own shops and technicians that are in fact working directly for them. It is important to use a shop that is independent of the network so you know the only criteria used for the referral is the work the shop does and not any financial arrangement the shop has with the network.

Windshield repair is a one shot deal. By that I mean that once a rock chip or a crack has been repaired, there is no do-over. A bad repair, can not be re-repaired to make it better. Getting it right the first time is essential. To do this, you need to have a professional technician with a proven track record do the repair.


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