Water and Resin Do Not Mix

Wet WindshieldWhen a rock or some other type of debris hits your windshield, it leaves an open hole exposing the soft PVB layer of your windshield, which is laminated between the outer and inner layers of glass. This leaves the damaged area exposed to the elements where dirt debris and moisture can accumulate in the damaged area. The windshield repair process uses an acrylic resin which is injected into the damaged area under significant pressure. The resin used does not mix with water. Repairs made with water present will result in a cloudy appearance and will not be as structurally secure as one made where no water is present. Technicians can use a dying tool in an attempt to dry out some of the moisture before proceeding with the repair. However, glass tends to expand with heat so there is a greater risk of the windshield cracking out when a drying tool is used. The best course of action is to put a small piece of adhesive tape directly over the damaged area immediately after the damage occurs and then schedule a repair appointment. The result of taking immediate action will be a much clearer repair with the windshield restored to 100% pre-damaged condition.



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