Don’t Do It Yourself!

I see this all the time. Some one shows up at my garage for a windshield repair and within 5 seconds, I can tell that they’ve attempted to repair a rock chip by using Krazy Glue, Gorilla Glue, clear nail polish – you name it – whatever else they think makes sense at the moment. The trouble is, nothing will work except acrylic resin, properly used by a professional. I’ll ask, (already knowing the answer), “Have you used any type of product on the rock chip trying to repair it yourself?” Almost always the customer tells me no. I don’t press the issue, even though I can clearly see that something was used on the damaged area. At that point, the customer really needs a rescue and not a repair. Unfortunately, once a product like Krazy Glue has been used on a rock chip, there is no way to repair it properly. The glue gets into the rock chip and hardens, preventing the acrylic resin from doing its job. Only acrylic resin can be used to repair windshield damage. Anything else will ruin the windshield and eventually result in the need for a costly replacement. Krazy glue may support the weight of a grown man, as seen in the photo, but using it on a windshield is one quick way to end up in a glass replacement shop. images

The best advice is, Don’t do it yourself.


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