Warm Weather & Rock Chip Repair


Now that Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, here are some tips on how to keep rock chips from spreading, and how to prepare for your windshield repair.


Glass expands with heat and contracts in cold temperatures. Your windshield has three layers. The inside and outside layers are made of UV glass. The middle layer is a synthetic called polybuterol. The three layers are laminated together to form a strong bond. Each layer of the windshield, especially the outside layer and the one inside the vehicle, expand and contract at different rates. Ordinarily this variance does not present a problem. However, when the outside layer is damaged, the variance can cause the rock chip to crack as it attempts to relieve the pressure that is building up. Other factors can also exacerbate the problem. For example, if your windshield is very hot and you run your air conditioner, you may set up a similar circumstance as running a hot glass under cold water. It will most likely shatter. If the temperature of your windshield is very cold and you run your car heater, you may set up the same circumstance, only in reverse.

Here’s how you can help to stabilize the damage and what do do before you arrive to have it repaired.

  1. Cover the rock chip with a small piece of clear packing tape, right after the rock chip occurs. This will help to keep dirt, debris and moisture out of the damaged area and it will help to stabilize the damage.
  2. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. Don’t allow the windshield to get too warm by parking in direct sunlight. Even when the temperature outside is 60 degrees, parking in direct sunlight will heat the windshield to well over 100 degrees.
  3. Your windshield has to be cool to the touch in order to attempt a windshield repair. Remember, glass expands in the heat. The repair process uses some pressure and it can cause the damage to crack if the windshield is too hot. We will not attempt to repair your windshield if it is too hot, so to avoid wasting time, make sure that when you arrive it is cool enough to work on. To do so, run your car air conditioner on low, on the way to your appointment to have your windshield repaired. This will cool it down adequately enough to work on.

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