faq11. How do I know if my windshield can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced?
Most importantly, you want to make sure the damaged area is no larger than 3″ inches in diameter. Damage to your windshield that is greater than 3″ in diameter when repaired, can become unstable and is usually visible even after the repair. Additionally, a large pit may spread during the repair process, becoming worse under the high pressure needed to inject the damaged area.

2. How clear will the damage area be after the repair?
The damaged area will significantly clearer after the repair. When cured, the resin that is injected into the pit closely resembles the clarity of glass. The chip does not “disappear,” but rather fades.” You will see a light shadow of where the pit was, with an approximate enhanced clarity of 75% – 95% from the original damage. The main objective in having an area repaired is stopping it from spreading further and cracking the windshield. Cosmetic improvements to the windshield, while a goal, are secondary to restoring the structural integrity of the windshield to pre-damage condition.

3. My windshield has a rock chip just above my steering wheel, in my line of vision. Can this area still be repaired?
This depends on the size and extent of the damage. A rock chip in your line of vision, even when repaired, can distract your concentration.

4. I have heard that cracks can be repaired. I have a 4 inch crack in the lower passenger corner. Can it be repaired?
Some repair technicians will attempt to repair a long crack. We will not. We can try to stop it from spreading further by drilling to the laminate slightly in front of the crack itself. You will still see the crack even after we drill. The process of drilling out a crack is risky, as the windshield is essentially already cracking, and American Glass Repair cannot guarantee a repair of this kind. It is meant only to buy you some time before replacing the windshield. Expect a 60/40% success ratio in your favor. It is almost certain that, if your windshield is cracked, the crack will continue to grow until it reaches an outside edge of the glass, unless the crack is relieved by the method described above.

5. Can you repair my windshield at my home or place of business?
Yes, we offer free mobile service six days per week. Please contact our customer service representative for more information.

6. Is weather a factor when repairing a windshield?
Yes. The ideal repair environment will be dry and warm (critical to a safe repair, as cracks can spread when temperatures shift from cold to warm during repair process). Ideally, the repair will be completed inside of a garage or under a car port or at least in the shade. Sunlight has an adverse effect on the repair because it can prematurely cure the resin we use to fill the damage area. If repairing the windshield in a garage or under a car port is not an option we can use a special UV protective dome to keep the sunlight out.

7. Does American Glass Repair work with my insurance company or agent?
Yes! We can handle the entire insurance process for you. We will need the following information in order to process your claim: your contact info, insurance company, policy number, make/model of your vehicle, and the vin number.

8. Do you waive my insurance deductible?
Some insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repairs because they would rather you have your windshield repaired in favor over an expensive windshield replacement. We can inform you if you have this coverage.

9. What costs will my insurance typically cover?
If your insurance company waives your deductible, they will cover the cost of up to three repairs per vehicle after which you are responsible for the cost of any additional repairs you elect to have done. Additional repairs can be paid for in cash, or by credit card. Checks are not accepted.

10. If my repair spreads or windshield becomes cracked after having it repaired, will American Glass Repair replace my windshield at no charge?
No. Since you came to us with a windshield that was already damaged, we will credit only the cost of the repair.

11. Does American Glass Repair guarantee a repair?
Our work is 100% guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with the repair result, bring it back into the shop you had do the repair, and we will take a look at your concern.  We cannot guarantee your satisfaction on a repair that is larger than 11/4 inches or 3 cm., or a windshield that is cracked prior to any repair attempt.

12. I’ve seen do-it-yourself windshield repair kits. Do they work?
Absolutely not! You are throwing away your money. A professional windshield repair requires several vacuum cycles to remove trapped air, dirt and moisture from the break and several pressure cycles to inject state-of-the-art resin into the damaged area. “Over the counter” repair kits lack the strength to complete the task often leaving the windshield in worse condition than before it was treated. Our technicians are trained and have completed hundreds of repairs. Your windshield is essential and expensive. Don’t risk ruining it by attempting a repair by yourself.

13. We specialize in Mobile Windshield Rock Chip Repair! We repair damages up to the size of a quarter.
We are a Repair only shop and do Not provide glass replacements of any type.