Repair Process & Rates

IMG_0002No two repairs are alike. American Glass Repair Technicians are trained to evaluate and decide which repair process is best suited for your car’s windshield.
After cleaning the effected area we inject our state-of-the art resin and in about 30 minutes the damage area is 100% restored structurally and cosmetically enhanced between 70 and 95%, depending on the extend of the damage.
Your vehicle can be driven as usual immediately after the process is complete. 

That’s all there is to it. It’s that simple! We can inform you if your insurance company will waive your deductible. If not, we will gladly provide you with a competitive quote for your windshield repair.

Almost all insurance companies will waive your deductible for windshield repair if you carry comprehensive coverage. They do this because you are saving them money by not filing a windshield replacement claim. Filing a repair claim is fast and easy and has no impact on your premiums. American Glass Repair is a tier one, affiliate provider for most well known insurance carriers. Moments after you file a claim, your vehicle and contact information is faxed to us and we in turn contact you to schedule a mobile repair.

If you prefer not to file an insurance claim, or if your insurance company is not one that waives the deductible you can pay for your windshield repair out of pocket. The cost of the repair is based on the number of rock chips you have, the extent of the damage and your location. Typical rates are as follows:

If your service location is 20 miles or less from the zip code 94610 there is no extra charge for mobile service, unless there is a bridge toll.

The cost to repair the first rock chip (up to the size of a quarter) is $50 and each additional rock chips costs $25. For rock chips larger than the size of a quarter please contact us for repair rates. More information is available on our website, located at